Production Update – Week 1

27 Feb

It’s been an exciting, busy and productive first week for CouchBoat Productions!

We had our first shoot on the night of Tuesday February 21. We shot footage in a dance studio at the Cornell’s Schwartz Center for the Performing Arts, where Bo Kyung is rehearsing for the Cornell Locally Grown Dance Festival. We filmed her warming up process, which involves a lot of terrifying-looking stretches and catchy Korean pop music; and a practice run of her 14-minute solo modern dance piece entitled “Unquenchable Thirst.” We were fortunate enough to be the first people to see “Unquenchable Thirst” performed. To say that the piece is emotionally evocative, and simply beautiful, is a gross understatement.

The dance studio had excellent lighting and acoustics, and we’re confident that we captured some interesting and aesthetically pleasing shots. We’re looking forward to reviewing the footage.

In light of Bo Kyung’s exhausting rehearsal hours, we returned to IC too late to return the GY-700s on the same day. After one day of shooting, we have unfortunately already used up $500 of our production budget.

The following day, we filmed one of the modern dance classes that Bo Kyung teaches at Ithaca College. We followed her and her students, mostly students in the theatre school, through stretches, dance exercises and some incredibly challenging modern choreography. The Dillingham Center dance studio provided fantastic lighting, opportunity for some creative camera work and excellent acoustics. With the help of the fabulous Drew, we were able to get a boom mic up and working in concert with the GY-700. As a result, we can hear Bo Kyung giving instruction over the music and other incidental dance class noises.

For the final shoot of the week, the CouchBoat girls returned to the Schwartz Performing Arts Center for an interview with Bo. Bo told us about her dance career in Korea, her many professional dance accolades, where dance has taken her (literally all over the world!) and where she hopes it will take her. She ended with a few comments on her time in Ithaca, and how it is different from her hometown, the capital of South Korea, Seoul. The entire interview has a simple, elegant and powerful tone.

In short and as previously mentioned, it has been a fabulous first week out for CouchBoat Productions. We are thrilled to be ending this week with nearly three hours of dance footage, b roll and interviews.

Plans are already in the works for more shoots next week. On Monday, February 27, we will be shooting another one of her Ithaca College dance classes, for which she prepares new choreography each time.


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