Production Update – Week 2

2 Mar

After an extremely busy first week of production, we took things a bit slower in week two. We had one shoot this week, on Monday, February 27. We returned to the modern dance class that Bo teaches through the Ithaca College dance department, and captured footage of her teaching her students a new dance.

The new choreography was thuggish… literally! The beginning of the dance symbolized the cocking and loading of a gun, and the rest of the dance dramatically depicted the dangers and fears that go along with living a life of crime. In the interview that we conducted last week, Bo mentioned that American students, while technically less solid than Korean students (in her opinion), are far better at improvising and adding emotion to their dancing. After her students mastered the incredibly acrobatic choreography, she told them to improvise and create characters for the choreography. The dance studio suddenly turned into a theatre, and everyone played the part of both actor and dancer.

We shot with a GY-700 and a phantom-powered boom mic. We’re confident that we have all of the basic shots from rehearsals and her dance classes, so we took the opportunity to get creative and capture shots from some interesting angles, and take some that incorporated the dance studio’s large mirror.

Next week is expected to be just as busy as week one. The Cornell Locally Grown Dance Festival occupies the second half of the week, so we will be headed to shoot Bo Kyung’s performance on Thursday night. We also plan to shoot at one of her final rehearsals and conduct an interview about her rehearsal methods and her thoughts on her performance.


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