Production Update — Week 3

12 Mar

This was the big week for us– Bo’s Locally Grown Dance Festival performance. It was breathtaking to say the least. She performed a 14 minute solo in the Ithaca College faculty component of the performance. It took place in the Schwartz Center in Collegetown, a beautiful building with an even more beautiful stage. And Bo really lit it up.

We arrived early before the show started to shoot Bo warming up. She found an empty studio upstairs from the theater and began her warm up process, which entails barre work and stretching followed by going over her routine in its entirety and then working on specific parts. We ran into some technical snares (as per usual), when we realized that there was still footage on our SD card from a previous shoot on a GY-700 and since we were now using a JVC-100 we couldn’t delete it, at least not to our knowledge. Luckily, after frantically running around looking for a computer, we found a nice guy who let us use his to delete the footage. A serious word of caution about making sure your SD card is empty.

After Bo warmed up we talked to her about how she was feeling. She said she was calm, and that in order to have a good performance one has to be calm. We followed her down to the green room where she continued to get ready and talked to the other dancers, including Lindsay Gilmour, the modern teacher who Bo is subbing for. A few minutes before the show started we left Bo and took to our spots on the balcony where we set up the camera. We had a nice view of the whole stage and practiced some panning and zooming action and also got some shots of the theater.

Bo was the third to perform and the audience loved it. Overall it was an amazing show. Feedback about Bo’s performance was completely congratulatory. I talked to some of the people I dance with and they were in awe of the way Bo moves, from her quick yet fluid movements to her simple yet strong stage presence.

Now we can check the performance off our list and continue to shoot Bo’s modern class and do some more interviews. In the upcoming weeks we plan to get interviews from those who know Bo, like her students and her husband. We are interested in what they have to say, and I’m sure they will be willing to talk–after the performance, Bo was all anyone could talk about.


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