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The official Body Language trailer is up!

24 Apr

Click on the “Trailer” link on the top navigation bar to view the trailer for our wonderful documentary! It poses the questions that we hope to answer in the final cut!


Production Update – Week 7

20 Apr

Yet another busy week for CouchBoat Productions! This week, we traveled outside of Ithaca, to the smaller neighboring town of Lansing, to join Professor Lee and her husband (a post-doctorate veterinary researcher at Cornell) for some Korean food, good times and a tour of their awesome newlyweds’ abode. We have some shots of the couple cooking (their favorite weekend activity) and learned a little bit about their family histories and how their lives have changed since moving to the United States from South Korea.

Isabel, like a real trooper, conducted the last shoot on her own. She did one final interview with Professor Lee in her dance studio at the end of her Modern Dance II class, which we have been observing and shooting all semester. The interview served as a great wrap-up to the production phase of this documentary, as the contents of the interview ended up including Professor Lee’s philosophy in a nutshell, and a powerful description of how much dance means to her in her life.

Heads up: The trailer will be live and on this site next Tuesday, April 24!

Production Update – Weeks 5 & 6

9 Apr

Now that CouchBoat productions has nearly exclusively moved into post-production mode, more and more time is being spent, editing and sifting through our hours of footage, in the couchboat that spawned this fabulous production company.

These past two weeks were spent compiling a tentative paper edit for the documentary, and creating the first rough cut. We were surprised as to some of the creative turns that the rough cut took. We suppose such lightbulbs only go on when you see the footage in front of you and have it all lined up in Final Cut. In short, the rough cut is very different from the version we planned out in the paper edit, but we’re very pleased with the cut’s story line and aesthetics. We’re excited to screen the rough cut and get feedback from our peers, and we’re doubly excited that we have about a month to iron out the documentary’s wrinkles and make it as pretty as possible!

This week will bring one final shoot, in which we will conduct a sort of retrospective interview with Bo, and do one or two more interviews with her Modern Dance II students, who have all been so kind as to let us intrude on their dance space with our camera equipment and endless questions.


Another production still

9 Apr


Professor Lee’s Modern Dance II class engaging in some serious stretching, an important part of every dance class and rehearsal!